quarta-feira, 17 de maio de 2006

Por que o Urban Dictionary foi uma das melhores coisas que aconteceram na minha vida:


a word that died a horrible death in 1993 but still manages to haunt us through usage by white kids in nice neighborhoods who by some strange dementia think they are from the projects. you poor unfortunate soul.

Lookit me, i'm hardcore gangster. One day i'm playin in the front yard in my striped t shirt beating the dog witha stick and the next day i'm out sellin weed pimpin my 82 buick while blastin Lil Wayne. I'm real tough and straight from the hood, YO.

by nappyafrochik Apr 23, 2003

E também porque traduzir aquela série lixo adolescente sem recorrer ao UD a cada 10 minutos é impossível.

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